Judy Selogy Artist - Redmond, Wa
Corporate & Personal Oil Paintings - Pen & Ink Drawings
About Judy Selogy
   My earliest childhood memories included paint-by-number kits, crayons and a "Brownie" camera. All of the usual studies in middle and high school came with a few extra art clases for painting and slip-molding ceramics with glazing methods.
 Studies at Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah and University of Colorado at Denver included figure drawing, oil painting, studies in composition, techniques and perspective. Formal art education ended as this was not viewed as a viable career path in my family, but the pursuit of art continued in a self-taught format.
Over the course of twenty years my art was buried under layers of a difficult marriage. With divorce and the need to find work the layers deepend, but my love of painting made a come-back about five years later. 
Redfish Artworks was born when I obtained a business license and launched my first website. Currently, I am involved in the art community and participating in shows with a view to expanding my influence into Seattle.
Artist Statement

My philosophy, the reason I do what I do, the purpose of it all; what is it? Since I was little I’ve been conscious of art, expressing emotion with color, remembering the smell of crayons and enjoying my favorite color of blue; learning to mix a proper flesh tone in junior high art class to experiencing college level figure painting. Over the years a sense of purpose and destiny has been growing which insists that I've been created to do this. As to my approach? My daughter said it best, “Paint first, think later”, which seems to cover it. My inspiration, my motivation, my creative source is that invisible connection I’ve had for years with Jesus. So, regardless of what comes, be it tough times, loss and sorrow, discovery, disillusionment, triumph, or dead ends, I've been able to capture it's essence on a canvas. People relate to these things and find that artistic expression speaks to some of the deepest parts of their being and discover they're not alone.

Here are a few things people have to say about my work.

Judy’s work is stunning, original and carries a lot of emotion.  I am a big fan.

Rick Merlino

-DJ Phantom/Trevor Walker
"My workplace (Victor's Celtic Coffee) features an artist each month, Judy Selogy has by far been my favorite. She is able to capture very far-out, dream-like textures and ideas, urging people to look outside of the easy to define."
Digital images of Judy's work by Grace Selogy - photographer/artist